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With over 700 studios, Bikram Yoga is the fastest growing form of yoga in the world. Get ready to sweat like never before, get ready to work harder then ever before and get ready to feel better than ever before! It will not be what you expect but your body will love it.

Bikram yoga is designed for everyone: beginners and regular practitioners, young and old, women and men fantastically-flexible and super-stiff. Each class is led through a dialogue; with precise instructions given on how to perform each posture safely. Trying something new is always a bit nerve-racking but don't worry. Be positive about the new experience and avoid feelings of frustration or inadequacy. Do not expect too much from yourself for the first few classes; the goal is to acclimatise to the heat. Be careful not to have expectations of how the class will be or should be - open your mind and let yourself be a beginner!

The First Time introduction package offers unlimited access to yoga classes for 30 consecutive days. Attend as many classes as you can during the 30-day period. It will take 5 or 6 classes to get used to the heat. However, it is the same 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises each class so you will be familiar with the series and the postures very quickly.

It is not necessary to book or reserve a place. Come early - arrive at the studio 15 minutes before class start time to fill out a registration form and find your way around. If you are rushing in just before class start time, it will take quite sometime to relax your mind when the class starts. Your teachers need to spend some time talking to you before your first class also.

Before Class

Be very well hydrated – drink plenty of water throughout the day before coming to class or the day before if coming to a morning class. Good hydration supports the healthy functioning of all of your body’s systems, and it makes the heat feel comfortable rather than overwhelming. If your body is hydrated, then you will be able to sweat which regulates your internal temperature. It will keep your mind calm also. Hydrated muscles will be willing to stretch and work for you!

Avoid eating 2-3 hours before class. Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach. Some people may need some sustenance before class and a banana works well in this case. Obviously it is important to have eaten something substantial throughout the day prior to coming to class - 'an empty sack won't stand' as the old saying goes...

Make sure to notify the instructor if you are taking any prescribed medicines, have any illnesses or injuries, are pregnant or have had recent surgery.

Please leave your valuables at home and ensure all phones are turned off or on silent.


Positive attitude - Bikram Yoga is challenging to all people will all levels of experience and fitness so always be on your own side and do your best, to the best of your ability. Bring your smiling 'game-face' and your 'can-do' attitude. Everyone focuses on themselves so no one will be judging you and how you fair during the class
A Yoga Mat are essential for the class. Mats are available to hire and purchase at the studio. Spongy or perforated mats will not give you the support required for the postures.

2 towels - one for class (large - you will be lying on it) and one for drying yourself/showering afterward (also available to hire at the studio)
Water for class (water is available to purchase at the studio). Avoid sports drinks, diluted cordial, coco water or ice water.
Suitable (appropriate) yoga clothes - Light fitted exercise clothing, such as a sports bra/tank top and shorts. Avoid long pants and heavy t-shirts. You want to see your muscles, the room is heated and your skin wants to breath. 

After Class...

Drink lots of water - rehydrate your body and then rehydrate some more
Appreciate that you have worked hard and tried something new. Appreciate your mental strength and determination and appreciate that you have most definitely gone outside your 'comfort-zone'

You may feel tired or you may feel energized. Everyone reacts differently to the class, as everybody is different. When you consistently practice yoga, you get amazing amounts of energy and vitality so be patient for this to happen. Feeling tired means that your body is immediately receiving some of the cleansing effects of the class. Alternatively some people get 'energy surges' in the body after class which is a result of the energy you gain in your spine and central nervous system. This too will lessen to a normal amount quite quickly. Meanwhile you will have more time to enjoy this new energy!

You may feel stiff or sore after the class - this happens when you use muscles that you either have never used before or haven't used for quite some time! This is a sign that you worked hard. Enjoy it! It too subsides quite quickly and then you will start to miss it!

Come back tomorrow! Take your second yoga class ideally within 24 hours, regardless of how you felt during the first class, especially if you felt stiff or sore.
Nausea or headaches after class are usually an indication that you hadn't drank enough water before class or that you weren't breathing properly during the class.
Make sure you shower quite quickly after class - either at the studio or at home. When you are sweating, you are removing toxins from your body via your skin so you need to rinse these toxins off. 
You may have temporarily lost your appetite after class or you may feel ravenous. However you feel, listen to your body and obey!

If you have a question, just ask! The studio facebook page is always updated with different resources and information about the yoga. Read through the timeline and see different articles, tips and pictures. Like the page to be kept up to date about future items added.

Class Tips...

Each class lasts 90 minutes. You must stay in the room for the duration of the class - this is for your safety. All you ever have to do is try your best. Simply being in the room and sweating brings tremendous benefits to the body and more importantly the mind.

Take as many breaks as you need - the class is 90 minutes so make sure you don't use up all your mental and physical strength in the first few minutes.
Breathe and keep breathing - lots of people spend time during the class holding the breath which won't work for you at all!

Be prepared to sweat! You will be sweating alot during the class and it may take a while to get accustomed to this feeling but avoid wiping the sweat from your body or face during the class. It becomes a massive distraction for you and your neighbours and is counter-productive as your body then needs to produce more sweat, which uses more energy and depletes the energy that you need for the class itself!

Feeling dizzy, nauseous, faint or overwhelmed in any way is normal during your first few classes. Toxins are being released from the body. Never be afraid to kneel down & take a break. These sensations are temporary and as your body acclimatizes and detoxifies, they will disappear

Concentrate on yourself and don't worry about or compare yourself to anyone else in the room. Everyone works at their own pace and everyone had a first Bikram Yoga class.

Approach every posture to the best of your ability and you will get 100% of the benefits. Bikram Yoga is practiced in bare feet. The yoga room is a footwear-free zone! ☺ Leave your shoes in the changing room or on the shoe rack beside the reception desk.


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We run regular classes several times every week and each class is suitable for beginners.

Our fully qualified instructors will advise you.

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